India Today impact: NBCC issues clarification, says no RTI exemption sought

The National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC), a Government-owned entity, has issued a statement clarifying its stance on its reportedly seeking exemption from responding to RTIs from citizens and flat buyers.

The exemption was reportedly a part of NBCC’s proposal to start construction of stalled Amrapali projects from February 8.

The corporation took to social media and, in a series of tweets, stated, “NBCC committed to complete Amrapali projects as directed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in most transparent and accountable manner. Not sought any RTI exemption contrary to media reports. Corporate Governance and Transparency key to NBCC working. Fully accountable under RTI. Not sought any exemption contrary to media reports.”

The corporation has been appointed by the Supreme Court to complete the stalled Amrapali projects.

India Today had learnt that a note to likely seek exemption from responding to a flurry or RTIs from citizens and homebuyers was drafted by the corporation along with the list of terms and conditions to begin construction of the stalled Amrapali projects in the first phase.

The Supreme Court had instructed the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) to sell the unencumbered commercial properties of the estate firm to recover money. Sources have confirmed that construction will begin on February 8, with total costs around Rs 77.54 crore, with 2,643 homes to be built and handed over.

Currently, only 10 per cent of this amount is required to begin work, sources said. The next date of hearing is set for February 11.