Feb. 1 to 5: Bacolaodiat Festival

The festival welcoming the Chinese New Year at Bacolod City in Negros Occidental province is on its 14th year.

The festival’s name came from Bacolod and “Lao Diat,” a Fookien word for celebration.

Among the highlights of the five-day festivities are the lantern dance competition; lantern making contest; Chopsticks Alley, which showcases Chinese food stalls and traditional cooking demos; and Imperial Village, which features arts and crafts, calligraphy and palm reading.

Feb. 1 to 9: Kali-Kalihan Harvest Festival

Residents of Don Salvador Benedicto celebrate the town’s 36th founding anniversary. The festival’s name came from “kali,” more known as “arnis,” which was declared the national martial art in 2010.

Also called “eskrima” and garrote, and by other names in the Philippine regions, arnis involves the use of one or a pair of wooden sticks as a weapon and a training tool meant to simulate a knife or a sword.

Feb. 3: Sumilang Festival

Culmination of the thanksgiving festival at the town of Silang in Cavite province.

The cultural heritage of Silang is highlighted in a series of activities that include a band parade, variety show, cultural presentations and street dancing.